Sydney, NSW, October 2010

With over 100 years perfecting its COMFORT FIT TECHNOLOGY, the 2011 range from Niblick is the preferred golf shoe for fit, stability and weather protection. The proof is in putting them on your feet.

This will be the message in a large media campaign designed to elevate the iconic Niblick brand to it’s rightful place.

Niblick, has launched it’s 2011 range signifying a new level of quality and style and most importantly comfort.

“It’s all about comfort at a reasonable price” said Matt Meredith, CEO of Sporte Leisure the new owners of Niblick. “We are launching 18 new models to the market, including a renewed focus on the women’s market with 6 new models. All shoes have been constructed with a total commitment to comfort. We have also maintained a strong commitment to providing value with retail prices between $69.95 and $99.95.”

There is no step back in regard to technology. The new SHIELD SYSTEM microfiber is an ultra lite material designed to shield your feet from the weather while giving superior breathability. This revolutionary material is easy to clean and super soft and comes with 12 month waterproof guarantee.

All Niblick models feature wide Australian fits, soft footbeds and stability and traction technologies but remember when comparing with the more expensive foreign brands COMFORT is KING! This is why only we can say….

As comfortable as a NIBLICK

Sporte Leisure is a Sydney based company that specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of Golf Products and Apparel, Headwear and Luggage for both the Australian and International markets. Since commencing in 1991, Sporte Leisure has remained committed to supplying quality and value for money in everything we do.  We work closely with our customers to enhance their product offering and their brand, through the use of our company owned and operated embroidery and printing facility.

Our promise is simple. To provide the best looking, best performing and best value product in every category.

Niblick is a name as old as Golf. Australian since 1884, Niblick has always been the name synonymous with comfort, style and fit at an affordable price. The brand which has been aligned with the most famous names in golf is totally committed to comfort technology for avid golfers.