Niblick 2015 Golf Shoe Range

With over 100 years perfecting its COMFORT FIT TECHNOLOGY, the 2015 range of Niblick golf shoes are the preferred golf shoes for fit, stability and weather protection.The 6 new models compliment the current range to make 14 models which are all designed in Australia for Australian feet. The stand out ranges are made from the new SHEILD System Microfibre material. Ultra light weight with superior breathability, SHEILD System Microfibre is designed to shield your feet from the weather while giving ultimate comfort. This revolutionary material is easy to clean and super soft with a wide last for superior fit and comfort.  But the technology doesn’t stop there. The new RAPTOR TPU sole features four separate layers for extra comfort and stability and utilisers superior “Softspikes” BlackWidow cleats for grip. The Dunes model in both white and black versions are one of Australia’s most popular models and are finished with a 12 month waterproof warranty and this shoe has every feature any golfer could ask for!

The Dunes model sells for RRP $109.95

As comfortable as a NIBLICK

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