Sydney, NSW, (March 2010)

One of the oldest golf brands in the world, Niblick, has a fitting new owner. Proud Australian company Sporte Leisure, has added to its iconic Australian brands with the acquisition of Niblick.

“We are very excited to be adding Australia’s leading golf shoe brand to our golf product offering said Matt Meredith, CEO of Sporte Leisure. “Niblick, an Australian brand since 1884, has an unrivalled history of providing outstanding value with shoes designed in Australia for Australian golfers. The product and brand direction of Niblick closely mirrors the position that our apparel ranges have held for the last 20 years. We see an excellent opportunity for the Niblick footwear offering to be complementary to our existing market leading apparel ranges of both Sporte Leisure, and Greg Norman Collection.”

Whilst the purchase of Niblick comes into immediate effect with Sporte Leisure assuming full distribution of the products from 1st April 2010, the innovative new range is set to be released in August / September this year. A huge number of golfers have enjoyed a favorite pair of Niblick’s throughout their golfing lifetime. It is our goal to ensure that the golfing consumer has the ability to continue their long standing relationship with the brand.

In recent years Sporte Leisure has widened its brand portfolio in an effort to maximize the synergies within our distribution base. Outside of our traditional apparel lines, through the imminent re-launch of SHARK by Greg Norman, we have committed to the categories of clubs, bags, balls, gloves, buggies and accessories. We are also having tremendous success through our leading motorised buggy brand Motocaddy.

“We are now a truly all encompassing company with a compelling offer to both the retailer and the consumer” said Matt Meredith. “With a unique custom logo offering, our Australian heritage, and our commitment to be the best looking, best performing and best value product in every category, we have a terrific Australian company to compete with the large US conglomerates that have dominated sections of the local golf industry over recent years.


Sporte Leisure is a Sydney based company that specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of Golf Hardware and Soft Goods, Shoes, Apparel, Headwear and Accessories for both the Australian and International markets. Since commencing in 1991, Sporte Leisure has remained committed to supplying quality and value for money in everything we do.  We work closely with our customers to enhance their product offering and their brand, through the use of our company owned and operated embroidery and printing facility. Our promise is simple. To provide the best looking, best performing and best value product in every category.